Jesus, My Friend – A Christian Poem and Message


The man who is rescued will say to his hero, I will serve you forever, I’ll always stay near you. He pledges his life to the one who did save, whatever the cost, he will be the man’s slave. Now we’ve been saved from the clutches of hell, but we serve not our savior yet think all is well. He loved us enough to offer us life, will we love and obey him, our Lord Jesus Christ? We imagine that we have become Jesus’ friends, yet his simple commandments we’re determined to bend. Instead we’re acquainted with this world’s evil ways, we aren’t standing in light and there’s no place for grays. If God is our Father, then where is his honor? If our great King is Him, why do we still live in sin? We were going to die because of our crime, but Jesus stepped in and with love paid our fine. After an offer like that, would we turn it down. If we stay in our sins, we’re still hell bound. Don’t keep neglecting the one whose hands made you. Don’t take it for granted that he died to save you. We are his friends if we keep his commands, accept Christ’s salvation and be free from sin’s bands.

Yesterday I read John 15: 13 ” greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.” It’s amazing that our almighty God would love us enough to allow us to be his friends! Who are we? We are undeserving of his attention, and yet he cared about us so deeply, that he was willing to die for us. We are invited to be his friends, and as we all know, friendship is a thing which takes effort between two people. God has already done his part, now it’s our turn to show him that we love him and want to be his friends. Friends spend time together; not in a formal, business fashion, but in a heart to heart, enjoying eachother’s company way. They share their thoughts and dreams and troubles, they do things together and chat on the phone. We need to spend that kind of time with Jesus, if we don’t, we are no more than acquaintances with him. We must be careful. If we have not built a close relationship with Jesus, then we are a friend of the world, and the book of James says that the friendship of the world makes us the enemies of God. Jesus died to save sinners, he loves us and reaches out to us, but unless we (like the disciples) drop our sins and earthly ways and follow him, we will not benefit from Jesus’ gift of Salvation. Jesus said ” if you love me you will keep my commandments.” By obeying him, we prove that we love him. And, when we obey him, our transforming hearts show the world that we are the servants and friends of God. When the world sees someone who’s righteousness shows up their wickedness, they hate and persecute him. Although it is no fun to be rejected, we can comfort and encourage ourselves. Jesus warned us ahead of time that the world would hate us just as it hated him. This persecution means that we are on the right track. If we find that the world accepts us, and that we fit in, we had better take heed to our souls. I hope that this Resurrection Day is filled with praise and worship And repentance and salvation.

Keep the faith,

A servant of the Master


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